SomaLogic presents new research at American Heart Association Scientific Sessions

November 10, 2023 at 12:00 PM EST

BOULDER, Colo. (November 10, 2023) — SomaLogic (NASDAQ: SLGC), a leader in AI data-driven proteomics technology, today announced findings from key studies demonstrating the broad and deep role proteomics plays in detecting cardiovascular risk, achieving optimal cardiometabolic health, and assessing the correlation of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases that are among the leading causes of death around the world. SomaLogic and its research partners will present these studies at American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia on November 11-13, 2023.  

“Proteomics is a headline conversation at AHA this year and SomaLogic is proud to be at the forefront of these discussions by leading six sessions that show the value of proteomics in gaining deeper insights in heart and metabolic health,” said SomaLogic Chief Medical Officer Stephen Williams, M.D., Ph.D. “While already used by clinical triallists, we see a future where proteomics becomes a powerful tool for healthcare providers, cardiometabolic drug developers and patients by providing insight into patient’s current and future health outlook. The research we are presenting at AHA this year is getting us closer to that reality.”

SomaLogic invites AHA attendees to the following sessions:

  1. Poster Session: Using the proteome to detect biomarkers of cardiovascular comorbidities
    • Utilizing Gaussian Process and the proteome, we can discover biomarkers and characterize their signal for comorbid endpoints associated with cardiovascular disease.
    • Date: Saturday, Nov. 11, 3:00-4:15pm ET
    • Location: Zone 3‚ Science and Technology Hall‚ Level 2, Hall A-D


  1. Oral Session: Applying proteomic CV and kidney prognosis risk in T2D patients to identify high-risk patients
    • Among patients with Type 2 diabetes and elevated proteomic markers for CV risk, an independent proteomic risk model for kidney prognosis can be applied to identify a significantly larger proportion of patients at risk for major adverse cardiovascular events.
    • Date: Sunday, Nov. 12, 8:30-8:45am ET
    • Location: 204A


  1. Poster Session: Statin signature: Using proteomics to detect pharmacological fingerprints
    • Statin treatment may yield significant differences in abundances of proteins detectable in blood samples. Using machine learning and high-throughput proteomics, a blood-based biomarker test can be developed to assess statin medication compliance and demonstrate drug fingerprinting useful for clinical trials.
    • Date: Monday, Nov. 13, 10:30am-11:45am ET
    • Location: Zone 3, Science and Technology Hall, Level 2, Hall A-D


  1. Poster Session: Utilization of proteomic surrogates for early detection of unexpected drug benefits
    • SomaSignal® tests were able to predict cardiometabolic benefits of GLP-1 RA and SGLT2i drugs within a significantly shortened interval and fewer parcipants than in the outcome trials. Proteomics may provide a powerful tool for improving the efficacy, and cost of drug development by predicting effects of novel therapeutics in smaller, shorter studies.
    • Date: Monday, Nov. 13, 10:30am-11:45am ET
    • Location: Zone 3, Science and Technology Hall, Level 2, Hall A-D


  1. Poster Session: Comparison of proteomic CV risk to established ASCVD 10-year risk decision points
    • The SomaSignal test for CV risk stratifies patients by identifying low- and high-risk groups using thresholds that are more discriminatory than low-risk and high-risk thresholds. This reclassification can allow targeted therapies in patients at greater risk and use of non-pharmacological therapies in the low-risk patients.
    • Date: Monday, Nov. 13, 1:30-2:45pm ET
    • Location: Zone 3, Science and Technology Hall, Level 2, Hall A-D


  1. Poster Session: Using a proteomics-based cardiovascular risk test to identify systemic changes in a clinical trial of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
    • Assessment of the impact of NASH therapy on cardiovascular risk is an important element of NASH drug development, but is challenging in early phase trials. Aptamer-based proteomic profiles have been used to develop and validate a risk score as a surrogate for cardiovascular risk.
    • Date: Monday, Nov. 13, 1:30-2:45pm ET
    • Location: Zone 3, Science and Technology Hall, Level 2, Hall A-D


In addition to presentation sessions, SomaLogic will have a booth in the exhibit hall. AHA attendees can stop by booth #2917 to connect with SomaLogic presenters, researchers and scientists. Life science companies can discuss SomaLogic’s new SomaScan® 11K Assay technology and its applications for heart disease research. Those in the healthcare industry can discuss SomaLogic’s SomaSignal® test technology and applications for SomaLogic’s CVD test that can aid physicians in providing precision patient care.


For more than twenty years, SomaLogic has grown from its roots in the research lab to become a global leader in proteomics with technology that delivers the quality and quantity of biological insights scientists and researchers need - from lab to last mile. This latest innovation offering is just another illustration of how SomaLogic can help researchers and scientists make better, safer, more targeted therapies and deliver them to market faster.


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SomaLogic is catalyzing drug research and development and biomarker identification as a global leader in proteomics technology. With a single 55 microliter plasma or serum sample, SomaLogic can run 11,000 protein measurements, covering half the human  proteome. For more than 20 years we’ve supported pharmaceutical companies, and academic and contract research organizations who rely on our protein detection and analysis technologies to fuel drug, disease, and treatment discoveries in such areas as oncology, diabetes, and cardiovascular, liver and metabolic diseases. Find out more at and follow @somalogic on LinkedIn.


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